Jonathan is runnig Mac

Have a look at this what do you notice?
I am sure this is a picture of a Mac window. So are you telling me the CEO of Sun which actually produce two desktop operating systems has a Mac. No wonder they are going down hill. How can a CEO even post something like this. I wish someone would get rid of this idiot.

Some speedup

I started using pmwiki for a few weeks ago. I put pmwiki in a folder on my server and then needed a solution to redirect from the index page to that folder. Edd suggested a php secipt that would change the header.
header( 'Location:' ) ;
and this worked fine, but it took ages for the page to load. So I did some benchmarking
Static HTML
real 0m39.731s
user 0m0.206s
sys 0m0.659s

PmWiki with php redirect
real 4m16.862s
user 0m0.260s
sys 0m0.717s

Just PmWiki
real 4m7.132s
user 0m0.259s
sys 0m0.743s
So what can we conclude? pmwiki is not a fast wiki and that the redirect took just a little time.
So now I have the start page as static html and if someone want's more information he has to wait.

Update: Of course the time is the average of 100 Queries

Little cal dashboard app

I am to lazy to remember which month is which number in the year and how many days the month has. Normally I just fire up my dashboard on my mac and use the calendar there, but today I was playing about with Xcode and so I decided to write a little dash app that will show me the calendar information. And so I wrote my first mac app in HTML, what is the world coming too. 

Maybe if I get more time I will add a few more features but for now it does everything I need. Show me the number of months in a Year :P