Firefox 3 hassle

Just a quick one. Why does not work. Don't the firefox devs use gmail ???

Fun with stupid people

You know how sometimes some idiot tries to chat with you through msn and then tries to find out stuff about you. I was getting annoyed by these idiots as they kept trying to chat with me. So here a little chat I had today.

Conversation with

(17:25:12) mmmmmmmmmmm: hola

(17:25:17) mmmmmmmmmmm: como te llamas?

(17:25:24) mmmmmmmmmmm has nudged you!

(17:28:48) didi: do I know you?

(17:29:18) mmmmmmmmmmm: you dont anderstand me?

(17:29:31) mmmmmmmmmmm: where are you from

(17:29:38) didi: who are you

(17:29:49) mmmmmmmmmmm: i´m david

(17:30:01) mmmmmmmmmmm: i´m from spain and you?

(17:31:32) Offering to send troy.exe to mmmmmmmmmmm

(17:31:48) mmmmmmmmmmm: no thanks

(17:31:53) mmmmmmmmmmm: is a troyan

(17:31:59) didi: you need this to communicate with me

(17:32:03) mmmmmmmmmmm: i´m not stupid

(17:32:04) didi: muhaaaaa

(17:32:34) mmmmmmmmmmm cancelled the transfer of troy.exe

(17:32:41) mmmmmmmmmmm has removed you from his or her buddy list.

The file was just
cat /dev/urandom > troy.exe 
by the way and you are stupid.

Democratic Linux

All the current Linux, BSD distributions I know are pretty much dictatorships. There is either one person or a small group of developers that make all the important decisions. The most important group of people is mostly never asked about the change, the users. The attitude is we
"We make it, you deal with it" + "By all means you can always fork it and make your own distro"

From :
DICTATORSHIP : When dictatorship relates to a mode of governing in modern states, it labels the unrestricted power of one person (or a group of individuals), who actually monopolizes and exercises all political powers. Dictators shape rules without being subjugated to them, and their actions cannot be sanctioned by anyone. All these features stand in sharp contrast to DEMOCRACY. Dictatorship can also refer to a particular mode of exercising power within a community or an ad hoc group of people, which is unrestrained by exterior forces and not dependent on the will formation within the group. (BP)

I think this fits pretty much all *NIX distros, I know of. So why has no one come up with the idea of having a democratic distro. Where the users can vote on what they want the developers to do. This of course might not be as fun for the developers, but surly you can get a better OS out of this.
So my idea is that with the install you get a little vote tool. Here you can get some information on what you can vote on and then you submit your vote to a central server. Through this the developers can get a good impression on what the community wants.
Of course there are some problems:
  • How can you be sure no one has n virtual machines and votes n times
  • What should you be able to vote for (People, package changes, etc ..)
  • Should it be more like direct democracy or do you vote a representative every n months
  • etc...
I will try to investigate a little more. But why can something that works in the real world not work in a distro. I think this would give the users a feeling of being involved in the distro even without writing code.

Cern Week 44

* ncm-authconfig
* sin2pwd
* perl in traint mde
* template migration, same tpl for SLC4 and SLC5
* new PrepareInstall tests
* Sourceforge migration
* ncm-accounts usermod fix (chomp missing)

That's it eBay

Remember the time when everyone thought eBay would take over the world. People bought everything from it. A PC, House and so on. Now after all this when was the last time I bought from eBay. I just bought a Nintendo Wii and I briefly though about using eBay then I remembered all the hassle I already had with it and what about warranty and then I went into a good old shop and bough it there. No I read this
Ok that is it for eBay then. The last real stand for it was that you could buy faked, stolen, cheep stuff of it. I think it is going to become site where a few people will sell a few old, collector style things
I might buy some parts for my motorbike from there because someone is selling out his garage. But I definitely will not buy something like a car, laptop, etc...
The stock market doesn't seam to think so. The last trade was 29.89 that is well in the 52wk Range: 25.10 - 40.73. I will follow up on thins. But I would predict that the shares will fall in the long run, if eBay doesn't through off a huge profit.