This is how a program should not behave

So I like trying new programs when I read about them. I just install them, do the thing I can imagine doing with it and then see if my current way of doing it is better / worse. And this is what I did with and it crashed just because I had the UK language set. So I continue using my Wii with Amarok. Now I tried sunbird for my calendar stuff. As I have a Goog$e cal I installed the syncing and then I got this nasty error that I could not remove. I could not even close the program anymore. So all these pop-ups where blocking me from getting my work done. Guess what I did, I uninstalled the program and will not use it for a while. This is why sometimes disagree with the release too early life-cycle. If you release something it should work 100%, Quality over quantity, this is something that is sometimes lost in Open Source.

Somehow I get the impression that the whole Mozilla projects are getting worse in quality.

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