Howto read my uni mail at home

So fact is I hate the Outlook Web Access the University provides for me to read my Email. In University this is OK as I can IMAP as long as I am behind the Firewall but when I am at home I have to use the Web interface. So what I used to do was ssh behind the Firewall and export X Thunderbird. But there is a better way: Use Outlook
It is possible to configure Outlook to receive the Mail. It is still Outlook but at least you can use a nicer interface. (I assume it would work with Outlook Express)
So for all students of (Bournemouth) University here is how you can do it.
  • Add a new Email account.
  • As type specify http (Something with Hotmail ...)
  • Name is your login name (so something like e9084123)
  • Email is
  • Password is your password (Ha)
  • The Http Provider is 'other'
  • And the Url is (Please replace my e number with yours)
  • Fin
So through this I can sync my PDA with Outlook and through this sync with University.



New Project

As my new project will be writing a Object Oriented compiler I want to start a list of useful links and in the end a little tutorial or howto.
Some really nice stuff. With 221 Pages quite something to read but really helpful. You will need to know C quite well and have some prior knowledge.

OYS conclusion

Ok after working for OYS for one Year I think it is time to write a little conclusion. Especially as it seams that Will will be working for them for his placement. So first what was my job there:
I was hiered to wirte a system that managed all their company internal work flow so from
Quote -> Sale -> Order -> Build -> Good recieved -> Send
First I was thinking of writing it in C## or Java but then I was forced to PHP (again). Thinking about it now this was the right decision it is relatively easy to find a PHP programmer but then finding a good C## or Java programmer is a little bit harder, especially if you can consider script kiddies (Ohhh yes we tried employing one). Despite the point that PHP is not really a language you would write a big software project in. But this can be made workable with some litle modifications. If you implement a module based approach so that the index.php only calls a specifies module and write a function collection. So through this it is very easy for a new guy to understand the program because he only needs to understand a lite part of the system a module. Further through OYS I had the great chance of experiencing Microsoft Small Business Server. What a pile of junk. When will the world understand that server administration can not be done in a lunch break. And someone who doesn't know what a port is can not configure a Firewall. If you set up a system properly once you don't need to modify around all the time. One thing OYS hadn't realised is how dependent their business was on the Net. But still they had very bad administrated server that of course was hacked at some stage. Now I think a company with more than 5 Employees that all need a PC has to have a person that spends some time with It. Maybe not all the time but at least 5 hours a week.
1 Employee = 1 hour a week of It
So for OYS with 25 people using a PC this means 25 hours of administration so about 3 days a week.
So back to the program. To be honest I want really challenging I know PHP, I know Linux admin and Windows is self explanatory. So what did I learn. PHP has it's limits. The project is a boarder case a little bit bigger and the project would have to be done in something else. Further how important it is to have well defined requirements. This was something that might have been done better. Write a detailed project plan. This would have saved lots and lots of hassle.

Vista boot restore tool

I installed fedora onto my laptop and descided I didn't like it. So I deleted all the linux partions. But this also killed /boot so grub couldn't find anything. So I was left with a schredded mbr and had to type into grub to boot into windows:

grub> rootnoverify (hd0,0)
grub> makeactive
grub> chainloader +1
grub> boot

So what now, I needed a new mbr. So I plugged in my cdrom drive again (IBM X60s has no CD drive) and booted into the vista install CD. Here you have the option to repair your windows install. This failed all the time. Then I found this little tool
It is brilliant it does what it sais : Installs the mbr new

Further Vista refuses to boot when I install Linux on the same drive. It just stops at some dll. And apparently this has to do with the pcmci devices, but if I have the vista mbr it works, grub it fails.
=> Vista doesn't like a different boot loader