Cern Week 23

This was a fairly short week, as I came back from holidays on Thursday. Nothing really has changed since I left. We are all preparing for LHC to start to fire (fingers crossed) so the Castor team is sweating and we are trying to get a untested version to run on SL4. Further I started a little project with Dan to rewrite the phone program, which hasn't been touched since 1999. Further I started writing a Perl script that will find out when a ssh certificate expires and then send an email to the systems admin or the person responsible (Not always the same). Not as easy as you would have thought. You can't run it on every machine. You have to query a huge Oracle database for when the Certificate was created and then find out who is responsible for that machine (root@localhost will NOT work) and then send a very nice email. I further started to set up a Cern chat server. Everything here is done par email. Because no one uses a chat program. This has to change I set up a Jabber server and am now trying to get it to work with the Cern nice login. Which despite the name is not nice because everything is done in SOAP.

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