Cern Week x

So I haven't posted for a while. So what did I do this week.
My ldap cluster went out of warranty so we had to retire the machines. Installing the new cluster tunes out to be quite a pain. The idea was to have the new machines just take the templates from the old machines and reinstall them. But the new machines are blades and the install is not that easy. Because of not specifying the network interface in the kickstart file the install can not get the network interface. So all installs stop at boot and ask you which interface to use on the console. So I had to connect to every machine and tell it to use eth0. Now the next problem comes in that the machines will be using SLC5 and this is the first service to move to the new SLC version so loads of errors cropped up. Further when you reinstall a machine you totally forget how many little hacks you did while the machine was up that you didn't document. You just ssh in and change one value somewhere in a file. Now I was trying to remember what I did 7 month ago.

I also spent some time working on the Wii controller.

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