change ssh port

The server I mainly work on has been the target of many port scan attacks. Further as soon as these script kiddies notice that the SSH port is open they try all sorts of username and password combos. This is quite annoying as it clogs up the log files and if something serious happens you might not see it due to all the clutter. So we (the server users) decided to put SSH on some weird port. Now I had the problem that all my scripts and my svn repositories where relying on SSH to be the standard port. Changing this in all my machines would have been a massive pain. So I remembered that you can specify some information in ~/.ssh/config 
And here we go. This is all you need to change the port. As my home directory is synced between all my machines this change made the server available over the weird port but it still looks as if it would be the standard one to all the programs.
$ cat ~/.ssh/config
Port 54321

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