Horrible ad

I was just watching the news and then I saw this ad:


A rough translation is:
Man: "You know, overtime is a part of your job"
Woman: "But you could at least say thank you"

Man: "You didn't work THAT good"
Woman "what, 20% more trade is nothing?"

Man: "In this economic downturn you should be happy that you still have a job"

Woman: "You too, the software is not even legal"

Person: "There are good reasons to report illegal software"

How can people air this? So basically, if you are not happy with your boss tell on him. That will really make you keep your job. Because if your company is doing bad, because it has to pay a massive settlement you will really get that raise. FFS did those people not go to school. But I suppose the people from the BSA are too stupid to realise what they are doing. But of course the software companies might go out of business if they don't get any money, but don't do it like this. I would really like to talk to one of these people.

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