Windows 7

We got my mum a Acer ONE for Christmas and I spent one whole day trying to set it up so that it would sort of work, as it came with Windows 7. After removing all the shit that Acer seam to think you need I spent another few hours going to different web-sites and downloading flash, acrobat, etc ... and mostly waiting. As a last task I wanted to replace the background image with a picture of my family. How would you go about of doing this? I spend 30 min looking in different menu items and trying to find this one thing. After doubting my intelligence I asked Google and guess what. It is not possible, in Windows starter it is not possible to replace the background image. Hahah how about that? You spend 400 Euros on a PC and you can't even change the background image. Money well spend I would say. Now my mum will enjoy Ubuntu. What a stupid decision, I was really thinking Mic$osft was on the right way but this just blows it. Only retards would use something like that.


Alexandros said...

Hehehe, Windows have done it again :) Well, since this a problem in the Starter Edition, you have two choices (if you still want to use windows 7):

1) Download another edition from MSDN (using your UCL account ;) )!

2) If you insist on starter edition, you could login as administrator, go to %windir%\web\wallpaper\windows\img0.jpg (this is the wallpaper used by windows 7 in starter edition and is hard coded in several dll like themeui.dll), change the permissions of that image and replace it with another photo (keep the name though!)

Merry Christmas :)

vext01 said...

I downloaded win 7 from MSDN and have not had any problems as yet. It has found all the drivers on it's own, even the atheros wifi driver etc. But then again, this was the pro edition.

I still use unix for work though. I find it far better suited to programming.


Is new years going ahead or not? I emailed you and have not heard back. I have several other offers for new yrs and I want to know what I am doing.


Pai Mei said...

Windows 7 Professional is the best thing since Sliced bread in my opinion. Solid Performance, Fixed all the issues with Vista.

I agree The starter editions are totally Pointless if you want to do more than browse the web and listen to iTunes.