new Window manager

While camping edd and myself thought about window managers. Why can everyone cope with the Windows Xp windowing System but in the Nix world everyone has a huge problem with Gnome, Kde and so on. Maybe it was because you had to use the Windows one and in Nix you had the choice, so because you could choose you complained all the time but in Windows you just accepted the fact that you are stuck with this shit thing and get one with your work. So our idea was to use a non main stream windowing system for a month and see how we got on with it. The only condition was that it had to boot up in less than a second. Edd chose evilwm and I went for Enlightenment
Now, after two days I have set it up so I can work with it. Sourceforge being down has stopped me from adding a few final things but I am hoping that they are minor. But for now I am really liking it. It is about 10 times faster then xfce4 (what I was using before) and has lots of nice little features. I don't understand why Enlightenment is not bigger in the desktop market. In my eyes it is more advanced than xfce4. But I am only using it for 2 days now lets see.
Enlightenment pros:
  • Nice window move affect with transparency
  • Fast, Fast, Fast boot in under a second
  • Nice virtual desktop system.
  • Nice preview when minimised
  • Lost of little E-* applets you can start
  • Fairly easy to configure
Enlightenment cons:
  • gtk apps looked horrible at start had to modify a little bit
  • No nice icon panel (in e16) it is in e17 and looks really nice
  • Mouse clicks on desktop open all sorts of menus

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