Open Solaris

After spending the day looking at opensolaris here some thoughts.
Ok so I got the DVD set opensolaris b57 today and as I have been using solaris at my uni and on my Ray 1, I thought I might give it a shot. So I fired up vmware and Installed the x64 developer edition. What I instantly didn't like was that it was doing stuff (I think) but was giving me no feedback. At boot for example it was just chundering away and at some stage something happened, same with dtlogin, and the rayserver hardly ever reboots. As I have been using Linux as my main Desktop for ages now, I am used to have some sort of idea what is taking so long. Then it couldn't install with 500Mb of memory, what I understand if you use Java as an installer but especially for old machines it is not too good, maybe a little text based installer like Red Hat used to do (or may still). If you don't have the configuration for a X window based install give me some easy dialogs. Further DHCP overwrites the /etc/hosts file so when I changed my hostname or nodename it stopped letting me log on to dtlogin. One more little thing is the ^H, what isn't really a problem because you can use bash but in xorgconfig I hat to stty. A note to the VMWare Guys, the vmware installer for Xorg doesn't work, the resolution is set wrong. But if you use xconfig and use vmware(30) as a driver it works fine. Otherwise it is really making improvements and I am liking the changes. I just talked to a friend and he told me that in the non developer version loads has been done. I am sorry if I critsised stuff that has been fixed.

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