Safari on Windows

I wanted to try safari on my new windows machine. And here some thoughts.
Pros :
  • It looks sexy : The font rendering the windowing and the look and feel is just sweet. As apple
    has ported everything you really get a little apple look and feel.
  • Despite what everyone tries to tell me, it is fast.
  • It's got a really user interface
  • Because I have a little monitor (12 in), I minimize the windows taskbar, if I have Safari in full screen it doesn't allow the taskbar to pop up again.
  • Everything isn't as fluid as you would want it to be. I suppose this is because the windowing toolkit is not native. So resizing and minimising and maximising looks quite horrible.

1 comment:

vext01 said...

How does gmail work with it?

Last time I tried using it with a KHTML based browser, it sucked.

Don't be drawn in by look and feel! Next thing you know you will start wearing polo neck shirts and "investing". It's a long and cruel path to the end :P