Howto read my uni mail at home

So fact is I hate the Outlook Web Access the University provides for me to read my Email. In University this is OK as I can IMAP as long as I am behind the Firewall but when I am at home I have to use the Web interface. So what I used to do was ssh behind the Firewall and export X Thunderbird. But there is a better way: Use Outlook
It is possible to configure Outlook to receive the Mail. It is still Outlook but at least you can use a nicer interface. (I assume it would work with Outlook Express)
So for all students of (Bournemouth) University here is how you can do it.
  • Add a new Email account.
  • As type specify http (Something with Hotmail ...)
  • Name is your login name (so something like e9084123)
  • Email is
  • Password is your password (Ha)
  • The Http Provider is 'other'
  • And the Url is (Please replace my e number with yours)
  • Fin
So through this I can sync my PDA with Outlook and through this sync with University.



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vext01 said...

Heya didi,

I dont know if this helps, but I recently found the -g option in SSH, which allows remote hosts to connect to tunnels that were created with -L, so in theory you should be able to set up the uni web server as a POP3 box on an untrusted port (>1000) even though all that is really happening is that youre coonection is bouncing off the real mail server.

I havent tried it yet, and I probably won't as I try to use uni email as little as possible :P.

Shaun may well have locked it down.

Good luck with the new job!