Cern Week 7

So my main task this week was to benchmark the OpenLdap Server I set up. For this I wrote a little test suit. (It can be found under I built in loads of features to do a proper stress test (Cache prevention, simultaneous thread execution(for the 4 core machines), a little data base system, etc..). I further migrated all the current user files to the Ldap server (20874 active user entries) There are actually more users but quite a few are mapped to one user name. Especially for batch jobs and groups. Like MIT has one user but many people log on on as this one user. After doing this I did some analysis on the passwd file. And had some ideas of optimising this (mainly ordering and caching). I will have to wait till next week to submit the patch set because my boss wasn't there this week. Further I wrote a little bash script that can send out an email without having anything configured through interacting with smtp over a file descriptor that is actually a tcp socket (here). I further attended a meeting and some other management stuff(Not really of any interest).
So in conclusion I programmed a hell of a lot of C, what was nice as a little refresh.

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