A nother window manager

If you have followed my Blog you know that Edd and me made a deal in switching to another window manager, So as I started my placement I thought OK next one. (After using enlightenment)
I decided to try JWM (Joe's Window Manager) this is a nice little wm. It works really well has nearly no dependencies and looks really good. It has all the nice little features a wm should have and is really nicely configurable. After using it for a while I encountered a few problems though. Trough grabbing the modifier of a key right away shortcuts in programs tend not to work. (So if I press CTRL-S for save) this will not work as I used CTRL for my special functions.
Remapping this didn't work either. I tried to rewrite the code but then noticed that this is a little too much to do while at work. Further I found out what the hyper key is :)
So now I installed ice wm to try the next one.

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vext01 said...

This is a problem you will get with any window manager. It's a bugger, but there are several options:

a) remap window manager
b) remap application
c) add key sequence that informs window manager to not interpret next keystroke (ion takes this approach).

Although what application are you using here? Usually save is CTRL+S.

Also you can try emailing Joe. He is very responsive and has previously added a feature that I requested with minimal fuss (alt+rightclick resize). Perhaps he can help you too?