Cern Week 20

I spent this week writing a presentation about my visit to OpenCON. As we use Linux at Cern quite a few people don't really know what OpenBSD is, so I suggested that I could hold a little talk. For this I did loads of reading about latex and beamer. (Now there is a beamer rpm for cern)
Slides will be available [here]
Further I spent my time on improving userlib and my quattor modules as the first few bugfixes had to be written. Quattor went into code freeze on Friday so I had to hurry to fix the known errors, so they could be rolled out in the next stable version. There is a code freeze every six months. There were quite a few meeting to attend as the section is currently being reorganised. This was mostly boring stuff that didn't really relate to me as I am staying with my boss.

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vext01 said...

Hi didi,

I'd love to see your slides! The link seems to be missing.


Sorry about the delay for photos.

OpenCon blog starts here: