That's it eBay

Remember the time when everyone thought eBay would take over the world. People bought everything from it. A PC, House and so on. Now after all this when was the last time I bought from eBay. I just bought a Nintendo Wii and I briefly though about using eBay then I remembered all the hassle I already had with it and what about warranty and then I went into a good old shop and bough it there. No I read this
Ok that is it for eBay then. The last real stand for it was that you could buy faked, stolen, cheep stuff of it. I think it is going to become site where a few people will sell a few old, collector style things
I might buy some parts for my motorbike from there because someone is selling out his garage. But I definitely will not buy something like a car, laptop, etc...
The stock market doesn't seam to think so. The last trade was 29.89 that is well in the 52wk Range: 25.10 - 40.73. I will follow up on thins. But I would predict that the shares will fall in the long run, if eBay doesn't through off a huge profit.

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