Fun with stupid people

You know how sometimes some idiot tries to chat with you through msn and then tries to find out stuff about you. I was getting annoyed by these idiots as they kept trying to chat with me. So here a little chat I had today.

Conversation with

(17:25:12) mmmmmmmmmmm: hola

(17:25:17) mmmmmmmmmmm: como te llamas?

(17:25:24) mmmmmmmmmmm has nudged you!

(17:28:48) didi: do I know you?

(17:29:18) mmmmmmmmmmm: you dont anderstand me?

(17:29:31) mmmmmmmmmmm: where are you from

(17:29:38) didi: who are you

(17:29:49) mmmmmmmmmmm: i´m david

(17:30:01) mmmmmmmmmmm: i´m from spain and you?

(17:31:32) Offering to send troy.exe to mmmmmmmmmmm

(17:31:48) mmmmmmmmmmm: no thanks

(17:31:53) mmmmmmmmmmm: is a troyan

(17:31:59) didi: you need this to communicate with me

(17:32:03) mmmmmmmmmmm: i´m not stupid

(17:32:04) didi: muhaaaaa

(17:32:34) mmmmmmmmmmm cancelled the transfer of troy.exe

(17:32:41) mmmmmmmmmmm has removed you from his or her buddy list.

The file was just
cat /dev/urandom > troy.exe 
by the way and you are stupid.


Slinky said...

cat /dev/aids > sti.exe

Anonymous said...

hahaha how special, a david from spain.

and my m4d sk1llz are are sharp as his, too :D. We know shit in northern africa XD