Stuff I want in GMail

I have been using GMail for quite a time now and it is getting quite annoying, to be honest. The speed has just become to slow to work. Loading my mail is not a matter of minutes and searching has become pretty much impossible. Then the service is unavailable pretty much once a month which is really annoying if you really need that one address in that one email. And sometimes it just freezes and I need to close the tab and reload it. This is becoming a real pain. Where is the slick nice fast interface, that did everything I needed. I am noticing that I have been using alpine more and more lately just because it is pissing me off so hard. It seams like with the recent comments coming out of Goog$e, the increasing application error count and the impression that time has become uninteresting in favour for features Goog$e seams to be loosing it. (I know of two really good people that have already left because they are getting soo pissed of about the culture that is growing there) Another thing that I am finding quite hard to do is extend GMail. There are two features I want to implement but because Goog$e is more fascist about their source code and the Java Script they publish then Microsoft I am finding this really hard.
The first feature is a little icon next to the Compose Mail button that opens a new window with the email writing window. I have spent about 2 hours reading horrible Java script garbage to figure out how to create the correct AJAX call to trigger this but haven't really progressed so far. The second feature I really want is a TOP button at the bottom of every page that will bring me to the top of the page. It is a real hassle that every time you read a long email thread you have to scroll to the top of the page to see the list of labels again. Both these features seam impossible to integrate into the existing GMail framework. I talked to a friend who does some Windows dev work and apparently you could even script that in Outlook.


vext01 said...

I have not noticed it geting any slower for a while. But then again I do have a new PC. It certainly does not take minutes to load. About 5 seconds. Perhaps something wrong at your end?

The top of my wish list for google mail is a faster IMAP server!

Pai Mei said...


Uses Outlook and IMAP...Takes about 20 seconds to sync which is pretty slow, I have tons of rules which tend to slow stuff down as well) Though Luckily I don't receive tons of emails, maybe 4 or 5 a day.

Alexandros said...

I also noticed some drawbacks in performance lately, but minor...but then again, I'm receiving far fewer emails than you.

As for the two features you want to implement, what I am doing is:

1) Enable the shortcut feature from Labs and use the Shift + 'c' to open the compose mail to a new window.

2) I'm using the Home button to go directly to the top of the page I'm looking (it works on Windows but I think it also works on Linux too).