Another pain with google

I come to work and normally I start reading my emails and my rss feeds. As I already commented gmail is becomming soooo slow, so I started reading my mail in pine again. Now Google Reader stopped working. And my friends tell me that my photos on Picasa Web take about one hour to load. So I will be migrateing all my rss feeds to somewhere else. Goolge is stedely loosing me. Here a little break down what I used to use from google.

Mail => moved to pine : gmail to slow
Blog = > moving to wordpress : more functionality, better service, spellchecking works
Pictures => looking for something new : picasa to slow
Webpage => wordpress : Editor stopped working in Firefox
Rss Reader => looking for something new : Can't read my feeds
iGoogle => switched off because of security conzerns
Code => back to sf : sf gives me ssh and a far better service

And quite a few more. So I used to have my whole life in google. And now I am noticing that I am moving away. A shame really google seamed such a nice company.

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vext01 said...

I find the Gmail IMAP server the slowest server on earth. Mutt does not work well with it. Is pine better then? I tried alpine a while back, but found the user interface really inconsistent.