Cern Week 42

Most of the week was spent with the porting effort to SLC5. I tried fixing a bug in nscd that created an error when called two times after each other

$ /etc/init.d/nscd restart; /etc/init.d/nscd restart
Stopping nscd: [ OK ]
Starting nscd: [ OK ]
Stopping nscd: [FAILED]
Starting nscd: /usr/sbin/nscd: already running

This was due to a programming error in nscd that sent a SIGTERM to all its child processes but didn't wait for the return val. After quite a lot of research I just replaced the restart with a reload and it works. Further work went into the creation of SELinux rules so I don't get the horrible acv: denied errors in dmesg. Then I had to go to my Univeristy for the placement day. Which I will not comment on.

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