Cern Week 41

This week I spent most of the time with the migration effort to SLC5. This can be described in 3 main tasks.

- componenet porting
- certificate porting
- template porting

While porting the certificates I found a bug in openssl. If you did not specify any CApath it would not look into the standard location but if you set CApath to /dev/null if would find nothing in /dev/null and then look into the sandard certs direectory. Jan Iven sent a mail to Red Hat and hopefully this will be fixed upstream. I created a patch / workaround for the time beeing. Further we inforce template checking now. So I found loads of templates that did not conform with the appropriate schema. Further programs in SLC5 behave differntlelly as in SLC4. For example the autconfig tool does not set host and port anymore it uses the uri command. Stuff like this is quite annoying because you spend loads of time debugging something stupid like this. But finally we can run quattor and all the components I am responsible for on SLC5. Further zuul is now the default for all SLC5 so it has moved from "userspace" (the user includes pro_service_zuul) to the base tpl. So every quattor machine now uses zuul.

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