Adding an at '@' symbol to LaTeX

I love Tex but sometimes you just bang your head against a wall because it just doesn't work. Here a little tip, if you need an "at" symbol in your file just adding @ will not work neither will \@. Some people say you have to \makeatletter @ \makeatother what seams stupid to me. There is a simple solution go into math mode
should do the trick.


vext01 said...

s/what seems stupid/which seems stupid/g

ironic :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH i have been looking for such a simple command for over 15 min now! thanks a lot! it is as you say, you might to bang your head...

orlin said...

$@$ puts the @ in a math environment, which means, that if you want to for example boldify it, you can't.

@something means tha the something is a variable and that you are calling it
Use {@}something, now you can boldify it: