Talking at HAR2009

My Paper for HAR just got accepted. For those who don't know HAR stands for Hacking at Random.
On August 13-16, 2009 the 20th anniversary edition of the four-yearly Dutch outdoor technology-conference will take place near Vierhouten, NL.
And if you are a technological enthusiast like me you should really go. Here is the abstract
Cloud computing is rapidly gaining the interest of service providers, programmers and the public as no one wants to miss the new hype. While there are many theories on how the cloud will evolve no real discussion on the programmability has yet taken place. In this talk a programing language named objic is described, that enables programs to run in a distributed manner in the cloud. This is done by creating an object orientated syntax and interpretation environment that can create objects on various distributed locations throughout a network and address them in a scalable, fault tolerant and transparent way. This is followed by a discussion of the problems faced and an outlook into the future.
Cu @ HAR

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Anonymous said...

If you happen to be driving there and plan to pass near Cologne, that would considerably swing the odds of me deciding to go... *nudge*, *nudge*