Ulrich Drepper about Stallman

I knew that Ulrich and Stallman didn't get along but this email is a must read: http://sources.redhat.com/ml/libc-announce/2001/msg00000.html

My personal favorites are:
The only difference is that Stallman now has no right to complain anymore since the SC he wanted acknowledged the status quo. I hope he will now shut up forever.

The morale of this is that people will hopefully realize what a
control freak and raging manic Stallman is. Don't trust him. As soon
as something isn't in line with his view he'll stab you in the back.
*NEVER* voluntarily put a project you work on under the GNU umbrella
since this means in Stallman's opinion that he has the right to make
decisions for the project.

When I started porting glibc 1.09 to Linux (which
eventually became glibc 2.0) Stallman threatened me and tried to force
me to contribute rather to the work on the Hurd. Work on Linux would
be counter-productive to the Free Software course.

This part has a morale, too, and it is almost the same: don't trust
this person. Read the licenses carefully and rip out parts which give
Stallman any possibility to influence your future.

I cannot see this repeating, though. Despite what Stallman believes,
maintaining a GNU project is *NOT* a privilege. It's a burden, and
the bigger the project the bigger the burden.

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