Howto send mail through Gmail using your UCL address

Following my previous post on how to receive UCL mail with Gmail now here is how to send mail using Gmail but with your UCL address. You have to go to settings (top right) and Accounts and Imports and then click on the button with "Send mail from another address" So here is the data you need.

Email address:

Then you have to click on send trough SMTP server and enter the details

SMTP Server:
Port: 25
Password: you should know this

And you don't click on enable SSL. I am sure you can do this with SSL somehow but I don't have time to figure it out :)

Then Google will send you a confirmation code which you have to enter. Please check in your spam folder as this is where my confirmation went. But after that you can just send mail like you are using


nidz said...

thank you so much!! i've been looking for this information forever. your post instructions worked perfectly; you helped me out a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi!And how can I use sent emails through gmail? Thanks a lot.