Cern week 2

Ok so the second week is over. Lets summarize.
I spent most of Monday setting up my CVS server (Concurrent Versions System) and a twiki page for my project, further I configured Emacs to do what I want and played around with my servers. Further I started reading the source code of the currently running regis project, so I can understand what my replacement system has to do. While reading the source code I made notes and added these to to requirements document. Further I added what my system doesn't have to do. So I don't shoot over the top. My boss was on vacation. The next days where spend adding a bug tracking system (savana) and a documentation server (twiki) to my project. Further I registered a source forge project for my private research that I am allowed to do while at work. I further wrote a random string generator for someone and wrote a test program to see if the numbers where really random. (See blog post). I spent some time trying to understand mock and to build an enlgihment rpm for the SCLinux distribution. But this was impossible because of Libraries being non backwards compatible. I found this out after killing my machine. I registerd my personal Cern homepage and build a project page.
I had to attend a health and safety training. Which is a big issue here as the particular accelerator is highly radio active when it starts. So I had to know all the security measures if I get in the way of the beam (maybe I don't need it then, I think I won't be able to do anything to help myself then) Further to access the computer center I needed to do this. Why? I don't know but maybe if a rack falls over or something like that (Edd nearly chopped of his finger with a rack). I registered for some french lessons and I am going to learn phython. I really need to learn french as everyone speaks it here and if you try to speak English they all hate you. I mean the English hate the french too. Comme ci comme ├ža. Especially the guys at the petrol station try to give you back the wrong change. I found an English pub which sells Carling and Kronenburg. So I don't have to miss the English cat piss. That's about it. I am still desperately looking or a flat. If I don't find one next week I have a big problem.

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