Google are liars

I am currently translating some stuff from German to English. I used Altavista Babel Fish for this. But I thought I might try Google translate. So I added my text into Google and it translated to the same as Babel Fish. Ok, I though, Google has a deal with altavista but why don't they give them some credit. But then I read this:
From :
Has Google developed its own translation software?

Yes. Google's research group has developed its own statistical translation system for several language pairs now available on Google Translate.

This is definitely wrong here is some proof:
The German sentence :

Das Ziel von Google besteht darin, die Informationen der Welt zu organisieren und allgemeinnutzbar und zugänglich zu machen.
is translated into
The goal of Google consists of organizing and generally usable and accessible making the information of the world.

in both systems

AltaVista Babel Fish Translation enables you to translate short passages of text or entire Web sites among 19 pairs of languages.
is translated into
AltaVista Babel Fish translation of enables you ton translate short passages OF text or entire Web of sites among 19 pairs OF LANGUAGE{s,S}.

The only difference is the s at the end of languages babel Fish makes it upper case too Google makes it lowercase. Why this is capitalised, I don't know?

So ok now something more scientific:
CERN (frz. Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire, vormals Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire), die Europäische Organisation für Kernforschung, ist eine Großforschungseinrichtung mit zwei Speicherringen (Synchrotronen) sowie verschiedenen Teilchenbeschleunigern, welches in Meyrin in der Nähe von Genf in der Schweiz liegt.
translates to
CERN (frz. {O,o}rganization Européenne pour la search Nucléaire, before times Conseil Européen pour la search Nucléaire), the European organization for nuclear research, is a large-scale-research facility with two memory rings (Synchrotronen) as well as different particle accelerators, which lies in Meyrin in close proximity to Geneva in Switzerland.

By both. Only difference is the case of the o in organisation. (diff with -iwb output's nothing)

So it seams like Google uses the same algorithm and dictionary as babel fish or the other way round. But babel fish is Yahoo?

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