Facebook is shit

I got an email from a girl who is comming to geneva too, from my uni. But I didn't know here and a google search didn'r reveal more as that she liked to go clubbing. But she told me that she is registered with facebook. So I tought let's have a look. Now my ran't about this page begins. What I can't see a profile with out an account. So I register with my brilliant name 'your mum fxxx me' ok then facebook knows I have a gmail account from (myemail)@gmail.com and offers me a link 'Open Gmail'. I think sweet dont have to hit [ALT]-[TAB] once to see my gmail account no I click on it. So now facebook looks into my gmail account contacts and suggests friends from the Emails it has found there WHAT. Facebook scans my gmail account and you can tell it to do so. Further after drinking a coffee, and realising that now some hacker in the newport knows all my email contacts and maybe my emails I try to find this girl. But I still can't view her profile as she has to be a friend or something. Ok to be fair you can get faccebook to scan all your IM accounts too. Why would anyone use this platform. It's like giving someone your phone (lets say Yahoo) and tell them "shure you can look through it and shure call who you want and copy everything while you are at it. Buy the way here is my recent call list"
Please do not use this junk. Except Chris Taylor (Religious Views: Deutsch)

I told you so http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2007/08/13/tech-facebook-code.html


Meddigo said...

There's a surprising amount of this code on sites just like Facebook. MySpace, IMVU, they all use it!

Anonymous said...

i hate facebook and whoever made it shud be fucking shot