Cern week 4

So Friday again. This week was fairly uneventfully as Juana was here and my boss was on holiday. What of course doesn't mean I didn't do any work. I set up a LDAP server for the user logons. The idea is that the user data is taken out of ldap and the passwords over kerberos. Setting up LDAP is not as easy as people make it seam. You have to get used to a quite horrible tree structure and totally new commands. (They could have made a SQL syntax, but they didn't). Then I started setting up the clients. What was good fun as I made quite a few nodes unusable. This wasn't actually really my fault. I was working on them with ssh and then my computer decided to crash. So all the configuration was wrong and the nodes wouldn't let anyone in anymore. After this is decided to use qemu to do the testing and then roll out a patch set to my development cluster. Once I knew it worked. Then I spent quite some time building qemu and installing SL in it. Further I did some research in how I could monitor the performance once I would start testing, hopefully in 2 weeks.
On Wednesday Juana and me joined a tour around Cern and the Atlas project that is currently being build. That was really interesting. Everyone should see this if they get the chance to. The time was exactly right as not everything had been build so you could still see into the detector. What wouldn't have been possible in a few weeks time. Pictures are here.
I further investigated into using git as a versioning system. I am going to try this on Monday.

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vext01 said...

Qemu - I love it. So damned useful.

Kerb + LDAP - How come Kerb could not do the LDAP part too? Maybe I don't understand, but I thought they were almost alternative products.

Cern Pics - Absolutely awesome. CERN is cool. Are you allowed beanbags in the office?

Hi Juana.

I should take more pictures.