Cern Week 13

This week I attended a python training that went over three days. After learning Pearl, I though it would be very useful to learn the other big scripting language. This course was extremely good. Through the interactive learning style I could grasp the concepts far quicker than, if I would have just heard about them. I really like python. I like the concept that everything is an object. And the interpreter just calls predefined methods on these objects __add__ for example. This is a nice thing between Java and C++. Through this you can easily program objects than can be added through the (+) operator. I can equally understand that some hard core object oriented programmers can’t cope with the way it handles encapsulation. My personal opinion is that it is useful for little scripts where the algorithm is the priority. But I don’t think it can be used for a very big program except when there are only exceptionally good people at work.
The rest of the week I took holidays to go to Germany and pick up my snowboard.

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vext01 said...

I totally agree with your views on python. It's just a little odd in places.

One thing me and knaggs were disussing is:
if everything is an object, why was len() a builtin? It should really be a static method of the object in question?

"a string".len()

We found it daft that half of the builtins just didnt fit as builtins.

Perhaps len does something like this:

def len(obj):

Any ideas?