Cern Week 15

So it is a little late, to write my weekly review, on a Sunday afternoon. I spent most of the week rewriting the Quattor module, I was already working on last week. But now it should be finished. I spent quite some time finding errors in the core libraries. The way Quattor works is actually quite simple. There is the core program that, depending on the configurations passed to it (xml), calls so called Components. These are little Perl scripts that then do the appropriate things according to the XML config file. So the error I found was that if there was an exception in one of these Components the error would propagate down the call tree and then get the core to exit. This is not a good thing as it will leave the system in an inconsistent state. I can't believe this hasn't happened before. Further I went on some further training. This time it was advanced Perl. The really nitty gritty of that horrible language (Don't get me started again). I have now been to a week worth of Perl training. What is quite nice and will look nicely on my CV, I guess. So the summary of the week would be programming Perl and learning Perl. I hope next week I can do some more research into why getpwent() keeps failing in Perl.

Buy the way my Week count is still correct. So i haven't missed writing a entry :)

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