Cern Week 25

This week I went to three presentations.
  1. A Dark Universe: Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  2. Which in general was about how the universe was created and how you can calculate the mass and the age.
  3. Germans at Cern
  4. Which was a delegation from German industries that talked about the involvement of Germany in the LHC project.
  5. The brain, an orchestra without conductor(Prof. SINGER, Wolf)
  6. This was basically my Artificial Intelligence course one step further. It was very interesting to find out in more detail how the brain works and how we can save data. Like that the short term memory can only hold about 6 things. That's why all those horrible party games work so nicely.

Further I started adding support for limiting specific groups for specific clusters through quattor templates. This was quite hard as has quite a few errors. So I ended up reading 4000 lines of C code and creating a Cern internal package which contains all my patches. Further I extended a quattor module to be able to add the 'pam_filter' to the /etc/ldap.conf file. After looking for an error for half a day I found that I had forgotten to update the PAM file. Which was quite frustrating.

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