Eclipse fu*king sweet feature

For Java programming I use eclipse because of laziness. Now I tripped over a really nice feature. If you press the key and hover over a method it becomes underlined by a little blue line. I normally used this to jump around in my own classes. Just now by accident I clicked on the String.concat method and eclipse showed me the source of java.lang.String. So I could actually read what the String class does. This is really sweet as through this you can actually learn how Java works.
Well done eclipse.
I have been trying eclipse with c{\ and,++} but it really couldn't convince me there. But Java and eclipse just work so nicely.

Buy the way, i tried NetBeans (6.0.1) and it is still utter crap.
bash-3.00$ strace -p 2564
Process 2564 attached - interrupt to quit
[ Process PID=2564 runs in 32 bit mode. ]
futex(0xf7fc9be8, FUTEX_WAIT, 2565, NULL

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vext01 said...

i agree that eclipse is only any good for java. Text editors like vim and emacs are still the best way to do C.