Thats why I hate ubuntu

After a system update I was confronted with this. I though Ubuntu was Linux and not Windows. Why would you need to restart Linux.


kozmcrae said...

You get points for not giving the title as "That's why I hate Linux". I have read hundreds of blog posts and comments and believe it or not (really), yours is the first one that names Ubuntu as the offender and not Linux. I can sum it up with this sentence, "Ubuntu wouldn't recognize my wifi card, Linux sux!". Get the picture? Seeing as you missed that wonderful opportunity to trash the entire Linux ecosystem because Ubuntu required one system restart, I'm not convinced you're just pulling our legs. But just in case here's your explanation.

Nearly every application on the NT systems (NT, Win2k, XP, Vista) "hook" into the kernel. So when you install a nifty desktop calculator on XP, it requires a reboot. On Linux, the Kernel and applications live on different continents. Install applications until you are blue in the face and you'll never have to reboot. But linux caries all its drivers in the Kernel. So when you replace the Open Source nv video driver with the proprietary nVidia driver, you'll need to restart the computer so you'll be using the newly install driver. So, yes you will have to do a reboot once and a while, but not every time you install anything.

ogre said...

Any distro that does a kernel update or replaces some proprietary module (e.g. Nvidia) will require a reboot. The big debate about Ubuntu is its tendency to hide the dirty details much like windows. I say this is the right way when you are trying to appeal to the uneducated masses. Most people don't need to know about the dirty details and might even be unnecessarily alarmed or confused by them.

Personally, I believe the desire to have the biggest "uptime penis" is the cause of many security breaches. In their need to see how long a system can go without rebooting, some admins leave the systems in a dangerously insecure state.

Dan said...

yeah, but at least it doesn't have a blue screen of death, mmmkay?