Cern Week 26

At the beginning of the week I wrote some scripts that on the one hand updated the pam rules in
/etc/pam.d/system.authconfig and updated the ldap.conf to respect these rules. I modified a quattor component to do so (ncm-autconfig). After some test at Nikhef (National institute for subatomic physics in Amsterdam) my patch set was pushed into production. My other posts go into more detail. Further I wrote some documantation about all the canges I had made so that other people could implement Ldap on theire machines. (
At last I got the OK from my boss to talk to the Windows guys to implement one Ldap server that everyone would use. Through this Windows and Linux can stay in sync without any mayor problems. After some political discussion ("Is Windows capable of processing this", etc...) we decided to just extend a already existing Windows server and Linux would sync with this. I created a public user that only has read writes and that can be used by the clients to query the data. Further I investigated into a database idea I had and still are. Further to come on this. And finally I played around with my new keyboard and tried to get it to authenticate me with a smart card.

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