ArrayList in Java

I have just ported OpenJDK to Scientific Linux and so I had a look around in how Java is implemented. You should do this. Just to see how ArrayList works or Math.Random does teach you quite a lot about Java and how compilers are designed.
Because OpenJDK still relies on proprietary Modules I cannot publish my rpm here. Sorry.

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vext01 said...

I didn't realise that they had released enough of the JDK to make a proper build. The BSD guys have made a concoction of the JDK "1.7" using parts of other VM's because Sun didn't release all of the code yet.

Reference here

"this OpenJDK port is a hybrid - it's the 1.7 JVM but only 1.5 class libraries, and needs 1.5 in order to build. So calling it "1.7" is a bit of a misnomer: the API is only 1.5. It's not meant for production running of Java 6 software, but is to help develop the openjdk-based ports."

Infact that's quite an old post, so perhaps they released more now?