The Pragmatic Programmer. From Journeyman to Master

So after reading another book I though I might write a little review again.
This was one of the best book I have read in a long time. I am sort of sad that no one at Uni told me about this one (Frank???). It would have made my second year a whole lot easier. It is amazing how I can study for one year and then by reading a 300 page book everything becomes clear. The two authors realty now what they talk about. Through a funny writing style you don't get board and it sometimes has parallels with joel on software. Really if I would have read this before the Integrated assignment I would have been able to sleep. Everything they talk about is summarised in 70 short tips that really make sense. Further there are loads of interesting and good hints for a software developer. Buy this book and read it, NOW, Otherwise you can't say you know computing.

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