Lots has been said about Picasa and Flickr, and I don't want to get involved. But I use Picasa and it works.
On my windows box I have the Picasa program and it uploads quite nicely to my web page. It works with videos and it can remove red eyes. But what has been annoying me for a while is that my friends can really see when I upload new pictures to a already existing album. So I have to create a new album every time I have 3 pictures from a night out. But after some research I found that Picasa Web has a program interface. So now if you use this rss feed you should be able to see all the new pictures I upload, quite like flickr does it with the photo stream.

With Preview

Just the name

(But please don't rely on this there is nothing like a good look at http://photos.ribalba.de/)

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William said...

Yeah this is the big drawback with picasa. Maybe you should add a to your site which displays the stream nicely.