CVS rant

I have been using CVS for many years now, sometimes Subversion. And it works. It is not very fast but it works. I had a look at git a while ago and found it to be very kernel specific. Now I had a look at
And it seams to be really sweet. One feature I really don't like in CVS is the branching. When I have an idea I want to try it in an unstable tree or an featurexyz tree. This is very hard to do in cvs because if you bug fix some stuff in the main tree you get into merge hell. So developing on two trees is a pain and I end up not doing it. So I taught git might be good because it was designed to be able to handle this very nicely. And again it does. But mercurial does it too and is more non kernel orientated.
Further I don't like the server approach CVS has. As I move around the world quite a lot having a central CVS server is not always easy. So a server less approach seams to be more suitable for my case.
I will try developing my next project in it and will report, but for now have a look at it. Many big project use it

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vext01 said...

OpenCVS will support serverless operation. Been waiting for this for a while, but I hope it comes out soon.