cern week 10

I spent most of Monday checking some stuff in the requirements document. This was due as some people had given me more input and I had to sync the online version with my notes. Further I spent some time on dbook. I spent Tuesday with fixing the sound (alsa) in the new kernel version. We had to publish a new kernel as an exploit was found with which normal users can get root rights. Further through this we had to reinstall all Linux machines. Fun. Lxplus was down while lunch what a few people didn't really appreciate. The main machines are being drained and installed separately as the main cluster lxbatch can't just stop. Further I was trying to fix the -Waffel++ errors. Wednesday I spent converting dbook to expat. Expat is far better suited than Xerces-c for my app. Xerces is a nice xml parser but quite big and it seams heavy with lots of features I didn't use. I think I was using about 0.1% of it. Expat seams to be more what I was looking for from the beginning. I learnt quite a lot through this as Xerces and Expat have two totally different approaches to parsing. Expat is is a stream-oriented parser so parsing whereas Xerces is DOM, SAX and SAX2. On Thursday and Friday Intel came in and did a talk and training on multi- thread/core programming. This was really cool. These managers from Intel talking about the future and what Intel is going to do in the next 10(+/-) Years. Further we got to play around with the Intel tools Intel® Thread Checker / Intel® Thread Profiler and Intel® Threading Building Blocks.
On the first day they did the some theoretical stuff and some aspects of multi threaded programming. Further they did some stuff on OpenMp. Which seams to be really nice. I wrote a little program in it and it is so much easier than pthreads. Just add a comment and let the compiler do the work.

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