Cern Week 12

This week I spent some time reinstalling a test server with different configurations. For this I did some reading on quator (quattor is a system administration toolkit providing a powerful, portable and modular tool suite for the automated installation, configuration and management of clusters and farms running UNIX derivates like Linux and Solaris). I further wrote an RPM for OpenJDK for Scientific Linux. As people are really annoyed with the Java license. But the problem is to bootstrap the OpenJDK you need proprietary software again. So we can't publish the rpm externally. So after reading I did some research about Licensing, as my course doesn't cover this in great depth. I had quite a lot to do, with getting an idea of what there is out there and what it really means. What is FSF compatible and so on. After this I decided to commit to one Licence the PPL ( THE PACIFIST PUBLIC LICENSE) my self. This seams to be the License that I agree with the most. (I suppose I could have used the BSD + some ideas, but do want my software to be published again if someone modifies it)
I did some C++ programing on a Project and some reasearch in my dash program. Further I still have my french lessons which are going really well.

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