Another annoyance of Sun

I just wanted to download the new Solaris edition as I really like ZFS and I want it to be my native file system. But I have to logon to get to the download page. We are talking Sun here the company that is going to be bought or go bust soon. And the one thing they have everything riding on I can't even easily download. If I want to download ubuntu I can do this with two click from their start page
OK there might be some licensing issues here but please how do you expect me to use this if I am already pissed of before I have even downloaded the DVD. Don't get me wrong I love Sun and the stuff they do. But they just don't put in the extra mile. It seams to me they do all the fun stuff (ZFS, dtrace, etc ..) and then when they actually have to work towards the user they just give up.
According to a source, I have in the German government, they can't even make a offer for a super computer on time and in the specified budget. How will this end?

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