FitSpace security issue

As I need some workout, I signed up to the FitSpace gym here in Bournemouth. From time to time they send me an email with some information about what they are up to. Getting the last one though, I had to reread it.
... "We are glad you made it in last week." ...
So how do they know this? When you go into the gym you have to swipe a RFID card. But surly they would not save this data with my name attaced to it. So let's say I would hack the system I would know when every member of the gym would visit it. Looking for somewhere on their web page ( to see what they are actually saving, I found that the page about the privacy police does not exist (
This feels a little like 1984. I can't wait till they send me advertisement suited to my training plan after FitSpace has made a lot of money selling this data to some other company. (This would not even be illegal)
"I, for one, welcome our new FitSpace overlords"

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