What stops men from beeing Secretaries

I have been meaning to blog about this for quite some while. The first time I started thinking about this, was at Gentoo UK 200{5|6} where one of the topics was "How can we get more female developers". Just now I read this article. But to be hones I don't get it. Why is the only problem, all these people see, to get girls into IT. I think there are two main reasons for this.
  • "They" think they can date easier. Its not really a secret that so called Nerds are not really good with girls and find it hard to date. I have talked to quite a lot of people that assured me the only reason they don't have a girlfriend is that there are not enough girls in IT. As this is a recurring argument I can only assume that this is one main reason.
  • People are too politically correct, but through this, prove they are not. (Does this make sense?) Surly if you wouldn't be sexist you wouldn't care about the amount of girls. What difference does it make how many girls are in IT or not. I don't get it, through having an intended percentage of female employees, you are being even more than sexist, you are also being fascist.
One thing I really couldn't understand was a job position I read a month ago, on a German university site.
To ensure equality and an increase in the female percentage
Females will be preferred, if equally qualified to other applicants.(translated)
I consider this to be sexist too. Now I don't wonder why people say things like "She only got the job because she is a girl" Writing stuff like this is only unfair to the girl that gets hired. Because everyone will assume she got hired to even out the percentage and she won't get a fair chance to prove what she really can. Though being overly correct they are harming the people they want to protect. I don't care who is doing the work, as long as he/she/it is doing good work, why would being of a sex, racial minority or anything determine if you get a job or not.

I know this is highly controversial and I don't want to insult someone, but I just consider this practice to be wrong, deal with it.

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