How people think my life looks like

To start with I kind of enjoyed being a participant. Especially with the horrible web page it was lots of fun because I could really shit about those stupid idiots who did the page. Probably they even call themselves IT/Web page experts. Those stupid people should be sent to the U.S.A.

Apart from that the web page is defiantly difficult to use for disabled people and women, especially the blonde ones with big breasts (even so I like them around me ).

But apart from a few things they are just useless as the web page is a well. Now one could think that those two would match perfectly but how I explained before they don't.

While I was testing the web page I drank a lot of tea, coffee and beer, which was probably the most enjoyable part as it usually is in life and not to forget the blond ladies out there.

Well what else can I say. The testing took me quite long because I had spent a lot of time on the toilet the weeks. First a will because the new FHM was really interesting and had lots of those “paticular women in it and I ate some bad bacon that one day.

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