Geeks versus Nerds

After trying to explain to my mom what the differnece is here you go

  1. Geeks are sociable people. Nerds have no social skills and are social outcasts.
  2. Geeks engage in meaningful conversations. They can look you in the eye, give you an unexpected timid smile and may even flirt with you. Nerds can’t maintain eye contact because they look at their gadgets and rattle on specifications. Note: The geek’s flirting methods may be ever so subtle, but it is still considered flirting.
  3. Geeks have a human touch, even during their geekiest moments, such as fixing your PC. Nerds don’t touch; they’re too busy flipping their pencils.
  4. Geeks can be sensitive, romantic and have a witty sense of humour. Nerds get romantic cutting code and playing with circuitboards.
  5. Geeks have style and a good fashion sense, even when they don’t have the physique for it. Nerds think that wearing a pen in your shirt pocket is the latest fashion accessory.
  6. Geeks can look cool in a suit if/when they wear one (ie job interviews). Nerds don’t look cool in anything.
  7. Geeks are sexy and can carry themselves with confidence. The words “nerds” and “sexy” are mutually exclusive.
  8. Geeks can be into sports and outdoor activities. Nerds are identified by pallor on their skin and loss of muscle tone; flipping pencils does not constitute a sport.
  9. Calling someone a geek can be a compliment; calling someone a nerd is derogatory.
  10. Geeks can be well-read and articulate. Nerds read hardware specs and installation guides for leisure.
  11. Geeks know they’re geeks, and they’re proud of it. Nerds don’t label themselves for fear of labels.
  12. Geeks and nerds have an inherent dislike of one another; I wonder why.
  13. Geeks can tell good jokes and laugh. Ever heard a nerd laugh?
  14. A nerd will offer to fix your computer for money. A geek will ask for other favours.
  15. Geeks take their girls to bed, nerds sleep at their desks.
  16. Geeks who talk in their sleep are likely to be dreaming of sex. Nerds who talk during their sleep speak of building computers*.

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