What more to say :)

One day, a huge computer hardware and software conference is held. Engineers from all the big companies are there. During the lunch break, three engineers all head to the rest rooms.

The first one walks in, takes a leak, and then proceeds to wash his hands. After washing them, he goes over to the paper dispenser, and takes reams and reams of paper. He then spends the next 10 minutes drying his hands, until there is no moisture left. As he walks out, he says to the others waiting, "At Microsoft, we're very thorough."

The next man walks in, takes a leak, then washes his hands. He then takes only 1 sheet of paper towel. He then dries his hands, making sure that he dries every single drop of water, using only one sheet of paper towel. After every single molecule of paper towel is soaked, and his hands are completely dry, he walks out, commenting that, "At Intel, we're thorough, and efficient."

Finally, the third engineer walks in, takes a leak, and then walks straight out again, saying, "At Sun, we don't piss on our hands."

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